Dad’s Day Dinner: Carnitas & Jello Shooter Cupcakes

Dad’s Day so my Heart got to pick dinner – the Carnitas we made a few weeks ago were such a hit.. That was his choice!  I did use a different type of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce – this time using the La Costena brand – these were much spicier but everyone liked the added heat.


Side dishes were pretty much the same: avocados with lime, sliced red onions, mango salsa (store bought)…
..non-fat refried beans heated with shredded mexican cheese on top, Goya Spanish Yellow Rice, the same creamy “Mexican” topping  that I used previously (see the Tostada Stack for details), hot pico de gallo (store bought) and flour & corn tortillas.
One of my Heart’s Dad’s Day presents: Mini Easy Whip – uses a little pressurized gas cartridge.  The directions say that you can actually make whipped “cream” with lower fat dairy products (i.e 1% v. heavy cream) AND he can add flavors!  We had heavy cream so he made the “real thing”.   His other present?  A state-of-the-art ice cream maker. I am sure those experiments will be showing up in the near future!!
So – it is Dad’s Day which means dessert is up to ME… OH No!!  I really feel pressure when I have to come up with dessert.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and.. it seemed perfect!  Jello Shot Cupcakes – Cupcakes / alcohol / whipped cream.. sounds like something I could do!  The recipe called for white cake mix – CHECK!   Then poked holes in the warm cupcakes and drizzled over the strawberry Jello / lemon vodka (those were the flavors I decided on vs. the Malibu that she used in the recipe) mixture.  I used the foil cupcake wrappers to try to hold IN the Jello but, just a warning, this is a Very messy process and incredibly sticky.. what we did NOT figure out – the Jello that slipped down the sides / bottom of the cupcake wrappers FUSED to the metal rack – next time we’ll wipe off the bottoms!
Topped with a bit of fresh whipped cream
These were very pretty – also pretty messy but I think we will refine the process and there were definitely Flavor ideas floating around! Happy Dad’s Day to my Heart and all the Dads out there!!

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