ZooBooo at the Maryland Zoo


The Junior Class Council volunteered and donated candy to the Maryland Zoo for their ZooBooo event on Saturday, Oct. 25th.  While the weather was pretty dreadful, quite a few kids and their families came out to enjoy the fun and festivities.  We also had a chance to wander around the zoo, which I haven’t gotten to do in years.  It was fun but my Favorite part was definitely seeing the penguins and their reaction to seeing one of the zoo people come into their area.  They were positively “running” to see her and she didn’t have a bucket of fish or anything.  I loved watching her pet and talk to the penguins… it wasn’t a wonder that they were so happy to see her.  While seeing animals in cages is not the best thing for the animals, it does help remind people of the importance of taking care of our planet for all living creatures and for future generations!

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