Young People & Social Media

This article is focused on music but has some great insights about young people and also how we and they use social media.  We, the oldsters, are currently “running” marketing, social media, etc. but this takes a moment to make us look at the future.

My favorite quotes:
“Point being kids today are born into technology, they’ve got a natural facility.  We oldsters, as adept as we may become, will always be a step behind.  With children it’s instinct.”

“You don’t deny technology, you embrace it!”

“…it’s about the audience, not marketing. Once a kid feels he’s being sold to… you’d better have an incredible product, like an iPhone.  Otherwise, not only are they skeptical, they bad mouth you.”

“They get all this, we oldsters do not. Our role is not to put up barriers, but to enable kids.”

“Make no mistake, the kids are the leaders.  Either help them, or step aside.”

Thanks to Mike Richwalsky at for sharing this article !

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