What you Think You know could be the Opposite some where else

I absolutely Loved this – I lived in Japan for several years and, if you have ever lived or traveled in Japan, you know how difficult it is to get somewhere without specific directions from the place you are trying to get to. I remember going to visit one of my students – she invited myself AND my husband and son to her family home for a meal and to meet her family. This is a huge honor because the Japanese do not generally entertain in their home. I asked for the address and she reassured me that she would just meet us at the train and would then get us to her house. Uh, ok? So we got to the train station and she was there waiting – we piled into a cab and after about ten minutes of her talking to the taxi driver, going back and forth, including gesturing, we left for her house. It seems that because of the way the houses are numbered, etc… it is not easy to actually Find a house, even with the address. I have told my kids this over the years but I’m not always sure that they believe me.

Also…. we should pay our doctors for keeping us HEALTHY !!!

Food for thought!

Thanks to Lindsey Weber at Urlesque.com for sharing this video

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