What is Twitter & Why do I care?

I know that this is Old news to many people but I still get asked the question. OR… a lot of people will say – “Yeah but why does anyone care that I am drinking a cup of coffee?” OR “Why do I care that You are drinking a cup of Coffee.” My general response is – Twitter is what you make of it. Many of the students at the University use it basically like the status update on Facebook but professionally people connect in different ways; sharing articles, videos, etc. of interest, asking questions, scheduling planned chats on specific topics. But while connecting with people professionally is great… these people frequently also Tweet about personal stuff so we develop relationships as we get to know the real “person”. Other fun things to do with Twitter – follow people with similar interests: wine, music, cooking, knitting, etc… it’s a great way to find out new places to go, new ideas, and more. My Favorite recommendation to people who are new to Twitter and still aren’t sure they like it…. do a search on your favorite TV show just as a new episode is starting (i.e. GLEE, 24, Fringe) and watch the Tweets Fly… it’s like sitting in a room with 2,000 other people watching the same show but you don’t actually have to HEAR them talking… you can join in the conversation as you want and it’s fun sharing an experience.

So…. I like this little video – I think it explains the basics. Want to find me on Twitter? @mjchatter

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