Twitter Recipes – Really?

Thanks to David K Isreal at for finding this one.  WOW – recipes in 140 characters or Less?  Impressive!


Maureen Evans is a 27-year-old from British Columbia who???s studying for a master???s in creative writing at Queen???s University Belfast. But her 18,231 followers don???t know that??? at least not most of them. To them, she???s @Cookbook, and she???s dropping recipes on them, 140 characters at a time. Here are a couple recent ones as examples:

Fettucine Alfredo: boil 16oz(pref fresh) fettucine to aldente. Boil 3???4c pasta h???o/1???2c buttr; toss well+pasta/3c parm until creamy. Srv w pep.

Irene???s Borsch: brwn onion&garlc/2T buttr; +c beet&tom&stock. Simmr40m; +c tater&carrot&cabbage/3c stock20m; +3T rdvingr&dill. Top w sr crm.

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