Twitter for Business: 7 Things That will Surprise you

I liked this a lot – it’s short and sweet and I couldn’t agree more… well, mostly.  I do think that I felt very different about Followers before all the sex bots and such started popping up.  I don’t take it nearly as personally now.  I did love:

You will soon learn that it helps you discover new resources for just about everything you need.”

That is totally true.  Need a recipe?  Need advice about health?  Want to learn more about something?   There are people out there who will share their opinion and many will recommend articles, sites and such.  It’s connecting on a Human level with all sorts of people who may have never crossed our paths and we share in professional, intellectual, and personal ways.  

Thanks to: @KBHgal and @Alyssa_Milano for point out this blog

From – Twitter For Business: The 7 Things that Will Surprise You Most About Twitter by Jeremy Victor

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