Tuna with a Blush Pasta

The past few weeks have been absolutely ridiculously crazy… and not in good ways.  This recipe fits in.  My plan was to have swordfish, which was on sale, but… the only swordfish they had was frozen. The tuna was “fresh” and looked pretty good so I thought I would try that.
First: chopped peppers & onions were sauteed in olive oil and then a medium can of chopped tomatoes including the juice.
Once the vegetables were softened, about 1c of red wine was added and everything was set simmering.  My thought was to just coat the swordfish in freshly ground pepper & Italian seasoning and brown in some olive oil but I didn’t think the tuna would hold up so I decided to cut the tuna into chunks and tossed them with cornstarch & freshly ground pepper.
Cooked the chunks in a little olive oil and then drained them on paper towels and put them in the oven to stay warm while I finished the sauce.
Added some heavy cream to the simmered tomato sauce.  I really liked the blush sauce but we didn’t Love this dinner – it wasn’t bad but we will have to work on it.  I would definitely like to try it with my original swordfish idea and I would like More “juice” in the sauce.  … stay tuned for updated versions!

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