Tofu & Vegetable Patties Part Deux

Tofu Veggie Patties - Food, Fun, Whatever !!
So I made this recipe (Tofu & Vegetable Patties with Rice from my favorite food magazine: BBC Good Food) in July But I didn’t have the rings so I just sort of made patties.  They tasted good and it was definitely a “do again” recipe but they were sort of flat.  Now I DO have the rings (thanks to my Heart!) so I did the recipe again and they definitely did make a difference..  they are closer to real “patties” – thicker and more substantial. 



I think I over-filled the first batch but they were still tasty – cooked in 1Tbsp of canola oil & sesame oil for 4+ mins on each side until golden brown




I had a little tofu leftover so I sauteed the sliced tofu in 1Tbsp of melted butter.  My son’s girlfriend makes Dubu buchim so, sorta based on this but not. Her’s is much better




You can see that they are fairly thick




The sauce is Hoisin sauce, sake, and sriracha sauce for some heat – not as sweet as the sauce I made the first time but still delicious




Served up with a little Asian short-grain sticky rice

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