Tilapia Gyros-style


The inspiration for this recipe was a Chicken Gyros recipe??? initially I was going to do the chicken gyros-style but serve it with rice and the Tzatsiki sauce but then I decided to try it on Tilapia – my mistake was that I had to go back to work so I rushed things??? Bad Plan! 


The marinade was very easy


Relatively finely chopped hot house cucumber – I actually like my Tzatziki sorta chunky so this wasn’t just laziness.  My Error?  I was rushing, which is always a BAD plan??? I put the marinated fish in to cook and then proceeded to mix the sauce for the Tzatziki in the SAME Bowl??? at least I realized what I had done BEFORE I added in the vegetables!  Wasted the Tzatziki sauce ingredients though – so sad!


So I took the chopped cucumber and also added the chopped tomatoes (which I had planned on adding to the rice) and combined it with this wonderful Garlic Basil Parmesan Dipping oil – it made a great salad dressing


The baked Gyros-style Tilapia plated with long-grain rice cooked with toasted pine nuts and the cucumber & tomato salad – next time I definitely want to do the Tzatziki sauce and actually take time to eat this dinner properly and not leftover.  Yum!

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