The Social Media Bubble

Umair Haque blogs on Global business, Competition, and the Economy for the Harvard Business Review.  In Tuesday’s Blog he talks, or I should say Asks, about The Social Media Bubble. His Hypothesis: 

“Despite all the excitement surrounding social media, the Internet isn’t connecting us as much as we think it is. It’s largely home to weak, artificial connections, what I call thin relationships.”

And he includes examples to support his hypothesis.  I liked his closing paragraph:

“The social isn’t about beauty contests and popularity contests. They’re a distortion, a caricature of the real thing. It’s about trust, connection, and community. That’s what there’s too little of in today’s mediascape, despite all the hoopla surrounding social tools. The promise of the Internet wasn’t merely to inflate relationships, without adding depth, resonance, and meaning. It was to fundamentally rewire people, communities, civil society, business, and the state ??? through thicker, stronger, more meaningful relationships. That’s where the future of media lies.”

What do You Think?

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