The Chemicals of Love

Just a reminder that there are chemicals in our body that are responsible for Love, Lust and Logic.  The body’s reaction to dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin explains a lot and we all know about testosterone and estrogen but I liked the chemical explanation for long-lasting relationships.  Oxytocin… But we have to do things to keep it flowing in our body’s and in our relationship.  As I think about my past two marriages and look at my current relationship I have to agree… when I no longer connected with my partner – when we stopped touching, kissing, hugging, ETC!.. we disconnected.  I recognize, also, my need to touch and… now I know why! (smile)  Of course, it all seems pretty simple – the more oxytocin, the greater the bond – well, duh!  But we forget that in our busy daily lives… it’s easy to Not hold hands, to not kiss when you leave each other in the morning and see each other at end of day, to not “re-connect”.  We get caught up in the day to day but it is important to remember to connect with that person we choose to spend our lives with… to create that Forever Bond.

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