Thanksgiving Dinner 2010


I know this is a little late but I accidentally left my camera at the kids and today was the first day I could get it back. So this was our Thanksgiving feast:



Ok… I know that these aren’t Food pictures but I had to show that the cats are starting to get along. Loki (the black kitten – he’s not a year old yet) and Puss (who is 16 years old) have had a rough time – Puss was not too happy with having a kitten around but she’s adjusting. Also… what is Thanksgiving without food and Naps? The kids decided to give Loki a bath and my Heart was nice enough to let a damp kitten lounge on him .. so they both caught some zzz’s !! Also – I didn’t take pictures of the food during the day (too much to do and I just couldn’t keep up)… breakfast was monkey bread and a “chili rellenos” breakfast casserole. Afternoon nibbles included chips & dip, sliced cheeses & salami w/ crackers and brie with homemade applesauce & bread. Dinner was on the table around 6:15pm.


My Heart made a mincemeat pie – doctoring jarred mincemeat with chopped fresh apples, additional nuts, and a heavy dose of Brandy. Absolutely delicious. I am totally remiss in not having a picture of Shannon’s delicious drunken chocolate pecan pie as well.


“Smashed” taters, which I started making a few years ago. Basically double stuffed potatoes done as a mashed potato casserole with bacon, sour cream, chopped green onions.



Dressing, which is also Stuffing because I do stuff some of it in the actual turkey but everyone likes it so much we make an extra pan. Just the basic giblet dressing with onions and celery… we do toast our own bread. It’s a long process but the final outcome is totally worth it.



Both the jelly and the “whole” cranberry sauce – we like both.






Asparagus for Stephen






Brussel sprouts with bacon and pecans for the girls






Bourbon yam casserole with marshmallows. I’ve been making this recipe for years since getting it from my sister-in-law. Canned yams mashed with butter, brown sugar, allspice, and a hearty dose of bourbon.





Green bean casserole for Angela… it got a little brown, I’m not used to their oven yet but no complaints from anyone.





Corn-on-the-cob for Shannon







Platter of roast turkey… I use a big electric roaster (which my dad gave me about 25 years ago and which is very old, at least from the manual that was published in the 50’s) and have for years. My first ex used to complain EVERY time we had to move the roaster but took it back on every Thanksgiving. It is so convenient, it means the oven is free for pies, etc. and really makes a very nice turkey. It is a pain to clean (Thank you Stephen & Angela for tackling that this year) and really a pain to store but works great!

It was great to see the table set with our “formal” china which is the china I bought when I was in college… and now using my parents “fancy” flatware… for the first time since I brought it back from Nevada.


Angela’s plate… all ready to dig in! I didn’t take pictures of the pies served up – I was simply too full and lazy to go find my camera! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

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