Thai Tilapia with Bok Choy


Tilapia was on sale and I found some wonderful baby bok choy at a local Asian market… seemed like a good experiment.


I lightly boiled the baby bok choy, so it was still bright green and just tender. This is our rice cooker – yes… it is Pink. It is actually my daughter’s from when she lived in the college dorms… she and my son (they share an apartment with my son’s girlfriend) now have the “big” family rice cooker. LOVE having an Asian rice cooker – the rice is always perfect.


Rinsed and patted the tilapia dry and then used this new Pampered Chef Thai Red Curry Rub that I recently received free with a purchase.


The tilapia grilled up quickly. While the fish grilled, chopped garlic was sauteed in the wok.


The sauce was a combination of Mirin, sake and rice vinegar with a little cornstarch as thickener. Topped the grilled fish with mango salsa – which was perfect because there was a little “heat” with the rub & the salsa is sweet. This is definitely a meal to do again. YUM!

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