Teaching with Twitter: Not for the Faint of Heart

This is obviously a hot topic and one that I end up talking to people about frequently.  “It’s distracting… you aren’t paying attention if you are so busy Tweeting… people aren’t listening to the lecturer.”  But it’s a relatively new technology – it is also New in the classroom so those, on the edge professors, who are trying it are setting the terms. It’s a process and, maybe it’s not for Every class or Every subject, but it seems to be something that can be adapted and adopted for many classes.  It just takes time, patience and experience.  

I love this:

 “The moment is telling. Opening up a Twitter-powered channel in class???which several professors at other universities are experimenting with as well???alters classroom power dynamics and signals to students that they’re in control. Fans of the approach applaud technology that promises to change professors’ role from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side.” Those phrases are familiar to education reformers, who have long argued that colleges must make education more interactive to hold the interest of today’s students.”   

It’s true… this generation is not just the TV generation but also DVD / iPod / Internet… they are used to seeking information Their way… when they want it… how they want it… where they want it.

Additionally – it’s a great way to give voice to students who may not have been comfortable to speak up in class:

“That anonymity leads to questions the professor says he never heard before in a course he has taught for years.”

How great to have New questions because there are probably other students who had those same thoughts or questions but have never voiced them.

Say hello to the Higher Ed Daredevils !  (smile)

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: “Teaching with Twitter: Not for the Faint of Heart by Jeffrey R. Young

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