Swordfish with Artichoke Tomato pasta


Two sword fish steaks – 1Tbsp olive oil


– freshly ground pepper and Italian seasoning rubbed into the fish


Once browned on both sides, added 1c of white wine and simmered lightly until cooked through.


My Boss gave us this lovely Artichoke Tomato Bruschetta – it said on the side of the jar that it could be used with pasta… ok!


Cooked up some fusilli rice pasta – my favorite brand: Tinkyada… which I can never remember the name of so I call it “bunny pasta” because there is a bunny on the package. *smile*


Heated up the bruschetta with a drizzle of olive oil and added in the cooked pasta…


Tossed the pasta with the bruschetta – served the swordfish on top with a little leftover bruschetta


…a glass of Boordy Reserve Chardonnay – perfect! The swordfish was a little tough – I think I over-cooked it. Next time a little marinade. I would definitely buy some of that bruschetta – have to ask the boss where she got it.. it was delicious. YUM!

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