SuperBowl: Layered Mexican Dip


I’ve made this dip for years – the original recipe was from a neighbor we knew in 1985 and she gave it to me totally wrong. Obviously I don’t always follow recipes right anyway so it still worked out! The base layer is refried beans, topped with pico de gallo..


??? this time: Trader Joe’s Fresh hot salsa


then topped with grocery store-made guacamole – Trader Joe’s Avocado’s Number Guacamole. We do make homemade chunky guacamole often but for this recipe I like really smooth guacamole


.. the guacamole is then topped with sour cream mixed with an envelope of dry Taco seasoning


??? finally topped with shredded Mexican blend cheese – this dip is super simple but delicious and always a hit! Yum!!

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