Sunday Roast: Pork Tenderloin


OK – first… my family tradition has been “Sunday is Family Day” – that has been an Always thing and my kids grew up knowing that. Even in high school they knew that they should try not to work and they definitely should not make plans with friends or anything – rehearsals and performances being the only exceptions. Sunday sometimes meant church, something family visits, but almost always: lunch, errands, grocery shopping, and Sunday dinner. Even in college both kids held on to the Sunday Family Day even when my daughter lived on campus… we would pick her up at the dorms, go to lunch, run errands, maybe go to a movie, grocery shopping, etc. Now they are 23 and 27 and, while they can’t always both be with us for the errands, etc. because of work… they do come to dinner.

Now… I live with my significant other, who is British… so Family Day has come to include: Sunday Roast, a British Tradition. Sunday still is family day and includes lunch, errands, grocery shopping and then Sunday Roast. Now – just because the word “roast” is in the name does not necessarily mean there actually is a “roast” involved. This past year Sunday Roast has been beef roast, pork roast, stuffed turkey breast, fish tacos, paella, and such. Frequently dinner is created by my SO’s imagination (and what’s on sale that week) and then I add in suggestions or vice versa. We’re the same in the kitchen… one cooking and one acting as helper and trading roles back and forth, especially considering the size of the kitchen, we work amazingly well in the kitchen. And I should definitely mention – I DON’T BAKE… I really don’t like to, it’s just a tad to precise for me, I am a Cook. He, other the other hand, is quite comfortable baking and has made some delicious desserts and makes an amazing Yorkshire pudding, my kids favorite.

So why am I telling you all this? I am going to be blogging about these meals and include pictures when I can. Why? Because I love talking and writing about food and … it’s fun and I love sharing the creativity of the meals. I’ll also blog about amazing meals we have when traveling, out and about, etc. I hope you enjoy!

Here is tonight’s Sunday Roast (Oct. 11, 2009): pork tenderloin with apples, bananas, toasted pecans, mango chutney and a touch of red wine – sauteed green beans with balsamic and the left toasted pecans – roasted garlic mashed potatoes – gravy (which is really my SO’s amazing sauce and changes from meal to meal – tonight’s includes some of the juices from the tenderloin, Bisto (a gravy “mix”), and red wine) and a lovely bottle (or two) of Boordy Vineyards Merlot. Dessert: cheese plate (Brie, blueberry & Wensleydale, Stilton) with crackers and apples and some delicious port.


Absolutely Delicious!

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