Traditional Pot Roast & Blackberry Almond Envelope


I am always a bigger fan of pot roast than my kids. It just brings back memories of Sunday dinner at my grandmother’s house. Pot roast was on sale and this was one of the last “cool” Sundays of the season so a traditional pot roast was the plan including roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsnips. My Heart made Yorkshire puddings, which everyone considers just a conveyance for gravy.


Everything turned out perfect… I didn’t do a plate picture because… just too Yummy to take time for pictures. *smile* The highlight – everyone seemed to enjoy dinner. The meat was perfect and my Heart’s gravy and Yorkshires were the perfect accompaniment.


Dessert: a request from my son’s girlfriend for one of my Heart’s classic desserts – croissant dough filled with almond paste, mascarpone and, for this one, blackberries.


Perfect warm and delicious finish.

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