Sunday Roast: SuperBowl 2011


Delicious SuperBowl food – The kids joked about the fact that we had beer and pizzas but it was British beers & ciders and really amazing pizza creations from my Heart… so very American but very Upscale.

Img_5446 Img_5447

A plateful. Mexican Dip: bottom layer (refried beans) – fresh salsa – ready-made guacamole – sour cream mixed with spicy taco mix – shredded Mexican cheese. Served with tortilla chips. I got this recipe from a friend years & years ago and she totally screwed up the original recipe so we jokingly re-named it from Josephine’s Dip to Josephine’s A Dip.


Pizza 1: BBQ chicken with mozzarella and pineapple. Also salami, smoked gouda with bacon, brie, and some other soft cheese I found in the kids fridge – can’t remember the name *smile* – served with Triscuits


Banquet frozen Honey BBQ wings (they weren’t bad). Pizza 2: The Absolutely Amazing – bacon, brie, and apple. WOW!!

…and a battle ensued for the first delicious slice. And… just fyi – the two in black, my son & daughter, and the one in blue, my son’s girlfriend, and my Heart !Img_5456
Pizza 3: Alfredo mushroom with parmesan: My Heart added some whiskey to the pizza…. wonderful.

Pizza 4: The beef & Stilton with the addition of some port. My Heart’s creations were all a huge success!!


Dessert: Barfing Frog – croissant dough filled with almond paste, dark chocolate and then baked and topped with vanilla ice cream – perfect finish to a really delicious evening. And congratulations to the Green Bay Packers!!

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