Sunday Roast – SuperBowl Feast

If you team is playing in the SuperBowl then it is about the football but if they AREN’T then the SuperBowl is frequently about the food and the commercials.  That’s how we roll !!

Starting with Mexican Layer Dip (Above).



My son is a huge corn dog fan and this recipe: Baked Corn Dog, Muffin Style sounded perfect just for him and I actually followed the recipe – used 1 package of Jiffy corn muffin mix.  The muffins were a little crumbly.  Next time, two packages of corn muffin mix so that there is more batter in each cup.  Also, make sure to let the muffins cool, at least a bit, before trying to take them out of the tins – they hold together better when cooled.  Another idea: chopped fresh jalape??os would add some heat.



My son’s girlfriend made these delicious Jalapeño Bacon stuffed mushrooms: the stuffing was cream cheese, chopped garlic, fresh jalapeño, onion, and crisp bacon topped with a sprinkling of Panko bread crumbs. Baked at 350-degrees for 20 minutes.



My daughter made her favorite Crab spread – super simple but wonderful: mix cream cheese, imitation crab, garlic powder, and Old Bay seasoning and chill – served with Triscuits or your cracker of choice



Another recipe I’ve been making for years but haven’t made lately – Sombrero Dip: ground beef, browned, mixed with two cans of Trader Joe’s fat free refried beans, one jar of Trader Joe’s medium salsa, and 1c Mexican blend shredded cheese. Served warm with tortilla chips.




Five pizzas including the apple, brie, and bacon pizza above




And dessert: cream cheese and heavy cream mixed with expresso topped with chocolate grenache in graham cracker crust and chilled – this was actually very light and good after all that food – YUM!

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