Super Simple Ham Steak & Decadent Dessert

Crazy busy week and two Major events (Senior Class Council Shopping Bonanza and International Student Association (ISA) Taste of Cultures) in one day on Saturday – how to put Saturday, March 24 into perspective? I walked 23,751 steps – a total of 10.07 miles and I was Only on ONE floor of our building from 7:30am – 9:30pm.  CRAZY!  Needless to say??? I wasn’t up for anything fancy for Sunday Roast but Yeah! for my Heart, who made dessert super special! 



This was a great ham steak – hardly any fat.  Sauteed in a little olive oil, just browned on each side before adding…




..grainy French mustard mixed with honey – heat reduced and just simmered until everything else was ready.




Starting dessert – a Bahlsen HIT cookie in the bottom of a glass (I love these cookies!)




Trader Joe’s meringue cookies marinating in Bailey’s Irish Cream




Whipped cream with more Bailey’s Irish Cream plus some chopped dark chocolate then topped with one of those marinated meringues




I LOVE this company’s products: Gourmet Blends.  The kids bought this white balsamic at the Shopping Bonanza so I, of course, decided to use it!




Green beans – cover with water, bring to a boil, turn off and let sit for 15 minutes and drain – quick saut?? with a drizzle of olive oil and then a hearty drizzle of white balsamic and a sprinkle of Montreal Steak Seasoning with an extra dash of freshly ground pepper.  This means the beans are tender-crisp and keep their bright green color.




Leftover Mac & Cheese – Decided that we needed more food for the Taste of Cultures and buying mac & cheese from some place like Kentucky Fried Chicken is ridiculously expensive so my daughter “volunteered” (there are quotes because I volunteered her) made two big pans using the cheapest box mac & cheese possible but adding real butter (less than the boxes called for) and shredded cheddar – it turned out just fine but there was some leftover so – DINNER!  Added drizzles of heavy cream which made it very creamy and rich.. it didn’t feel or taste reheated at all.




Plated up – the honey mustard sauce was perfect on the ham steaks and everything, while super simple, worked together for a homey, comfort-food sort of Sunday Roast.




And the Final Touch: Dessert – the meringues were topped with melted chocolate mixed with chopped chocolate covered coffee beans and slices of kiwi.  Very decadent.. the perfect ending – YUM!

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