Summer Chicken One-Pot & Lemon Chiffon


Labor Day weekend – We know that we are having a very hearty dinner of ribs and all the fixings on Monday night so we wanted something lighter for Sunday Roast – I’ve made the Summer Chicken One-Pot dinner for the two of us but my Heart thought it would be a good Sunday Roast.



Used both boneless, skinless chicken breasts and thighs – lucky that the kids have this huge skillet


Cooks up fairly fast, less than an hour.  Although there is a creamy sauce, this is fairly light and everyone liked it – my Heart totally called that one!


My Heart’s Lemon Chiffon – bottom layer: ladyfinger cookies soaked in Limoncello topped with lemon pudding – set in the fridge while we ate dinner and then topped with more Limoncello, freshly whipped cream & lemon zest then some chocolate cookies – WOW


It was my Heart’s sister’s 50th birthday – we couldn’t be in the UK to help her celebrate but we definitely needed to Toast!!  Happy Birthday!!

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