Summer Chicken One-Pot & Bakewell Pudding


Everyone decided that a “light” dinner would be a good plan since Thanksgiving is this week – The Summer Chicken One-Pot dinner was very popular the last time I made it and is surprisingly light.  Also – it is a pretty good “winter” dinner, even with the “summer” name!

Chicken pieces (breasts and thighs) browned and cooked with red potatoes, lima beans, corn, cherry tomatoes in chicken broth with Herbs de Province and cream cheese added at the end
DESSERT: Bakewell pudding: Puff pastry crust – raspberry jam – filling: ground almonds, 3 eggs, superfine or castors sugar, butter, almond extract
…bake to a golden brown
…served up with warm custard AND ice cream
…This piece totally came home with us for dessert tonight!  YUM

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