Stuffed Beef Bottom Round Roast


My Heart has been working on a work project all weekend so this Sunday Roast was sorta my work with his advice and my daughter acting as sous chef. I defrosted a bottom round roast that we had in the freezer (a buy one get one free deal a few months ago)


I cut the roast so that I could lay it somewhat flat and then piled on baby spinach leaves and chunks of gorgonzola and tied the roast. Once tied, we stuffed a bit more cheese into the middle. Freshly ground pepper finished the preparation


Small red potatoes were scrubbed, yellow onions (I would have liked smaller ones but we couldn’t find any so we peeled and halved medium sized onions), carrots and parsnips were peeled. They were lightly coated in olive oil – I also added 2 Tbsp of crisco in the pan.


The roast was laid on top of the vegetables so that the juices from the meat would go down into the roasted veggies. Another sprinkling of fresh ground pepper and then into a 450-degree oven for about 20 minutes. The temperature was turned down to 325-degrees and the roast cooked for approximately 19 minutes per pound until it reached an internal temperature of 120-degrees (rare). I took the meat out to rest and roasted the veggies for another 15 minutes. In that time, my Heart made some of his delicious gravy using some of the juices and some red wine.


The final product was messy but delicious.


Dessert was a store=bought praline peach pie ala mode. Nothing fancy but a great ending to the meal.

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