Steak Taco Salad & Peach Tart


What do you eat for Sunday Roast when the temps are in the 90’s and it’s 94 degrees in the apartment? Ok… first turn on the AC, I know… but Salad is what came to mind so salad is what we had.

Flank steak was coated in an envelope of taco seasoning and then a drizzle of olive oil and white vinegar and marinated for about an hour. There was also homemade guacamole but we totally forgot to take a picture of that – my daughter makes Amazing guacamole so it was gone before any pictures could happen – the appetizer!

The lettuce was a mixture of butter, red leaf, and spring mix then topped with chopped tomatoes, English cucumber, Vidalia onion, and red bell pepper.
We cooked the steak on the Foreman grill for about six minutes for rare, then cut off about 2/3 and put back the 1/3 to cook another 3 minutes or so for medium (which is what you see in the picture).


Topped with some store-made mango salsa. Everyone had different dressings from Ranch to Lime Basil vinaigrette.


My Heart’s dessert was a delicious tart with croissant pastry filled with almond paste and canned chopped peaches … baked until golden brown and topped with whipped cream.

A very satisfying dinner on a VERY hot Sunday!

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