Steak Salad & Lemon Fluff dessert


I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted this Sunday roast – it was yummy so I had to share.


Two skirt steaks marinated in red wine vinegar, Pinot Noir, chopped garlic, freshly ground black pepper, hot sauce and Herbs de Province – the steaks marinated for approximately 2 hours in the fridge.


I like doing Build-Your-Own salads so that people can choose: hot house cucumbers, red onions, grape tomatoes, Stilton cheese


“Grilled” on a Foreman grill (I really miss doing real BBQ but none of us are allowed grills at our apartments – boo!) – the steak was predominantly medium-rare.


Plated (this is mine) – we had a selection of dressings but most everyone picked the Light Balsamic – the steak was a little vinegary but everyone seemed to like it and the hot sauce added a surprising touch of “heat”. Next time I am going to make my own salad dressing though??? I just couldn’t find my shaker that night.


My Heart’s dessert: Lemon Fluff – On the bottom: a scoop of lemon curd – next a mixture of lemon curd, lemon juice, and lemon vodka, heated and combined together then slightly cooled before incorporating into the heavy cream as it was being whipped – topped with another dollop of lemon curd and some lemon zest. This was an amazing fluffy light dessert and perfect after the steak salad. YUM

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