Steak with the fixings & Peach Mango Fridge Pie

We haven’t had steak yet this summer (other than a steak salad a few weeks ago)… Steak On Sale.. This was Meant to be!
THIS is how we eat steak (except for my daughter who hates mushrooms – weirdo!)… smothered in sautéed mushrooms: fresh mushrooms (white in this case), a little pinot noir, a drizzle of olive oil and simmered to delicious mushroomy goodness.. about 60 minutes at a relatively low temp – don’t like to rush the ‘shrooms!  The key is to let the mushrooms “release” all their liquid and then cook until the juices have evaporated… if you serve too soon it is more like stewed or “boiled” mushrooms and not nearly as good. (and I’m starting to wonder how many times I can write mushroom in one sentence!  LOL)


We bought this mix at the last Sugarloaf Craft Festival.  This Stone House Mix makes a “cheesecake” type pie (but can also be used as a dessert “dip” for fruit, cookies, cake slices).  Mixed with Cool Whip and cream cheese then scooped into a shortbread cookie crust (store-bought) and put into the fridge for 2+ hours to “set”
Simple salad – English cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion – Light balsamic dressing (store-bought) with some extra freshly ground pepper. Give the salad an hour or so to marinate.  Of course, some sweet corn too.

My plate – there was also shredded cheddar cheese & sour cream for the baked potatoes but I’m a fan of simple: Butter!  I think one reason we don’t have more steak (and burgers) is because we don’t have a BBQ grill (not allowed in our OR the kids apartment complexes)… I love the Foreman grill but just not the same – especially for those of us who eat their steak RARE.



My Heart topped the pie with chunks of fresh peach that had been marinated in whipped cream vodka then topped each serving with fresh made whipped cream.  We will definitely be buying more of those pie mixes – YUM!

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