Sunday Roast: St. Patrick’s Day


We decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early because my Heart is going away for most of the week – speaking at the World Health Congress in Orlando, Florida. We did a very traditional meal: Corned beef, cabbage, parsley potatoes. My Heart decided to make this wonderful brownie dessert.


The brownie was gluten-free – my Heart poked holes in the still warm brownie and poured whiskey over it. Boiled the corned beef with miscellaneous seasonings until tender, about 3-hours.


Next, on the cooled brownies, orange marmalade


Then dark chocolate frosting. Chopped parsley for the potatoes.


Steamed green cabbage. The finished brownies.


Sliced corned beef with parsley potatoes – everything served up. The side sauces: hot honey mustard & horseradish


The amazing brownies were then topped with vanilla ice cream. We also had, with dessert, a sampling of scotches. Very much a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! Yum!!

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