St. Patrick’s Day & Bailey’s Irish Cheesecake

Yes – I know St. Patrick’s Day was on Saturday but Sunday is when we do Sunday Roast so close enough!  It was a pretty traditional dinner and then “I” actually made dessert: Bailey’s Irish Cream Mini Cheesecakes
Parsley potatoes – one of my grandma’s tradition – just boiled potatoes (I used gold potatoes vs. red potatoes because we had red potatoes last week) tossed with a ton of butter, freshly chopped parsley (we had Italian / flat leaf parsley on hand so that’s what I used) and lots of freshly ground black pepper.
Steamed chopped white cabbage
Corned beef cooked in the crockpot for about 7-hours.  I have to say – this was a lovely cut of meat… I did not trim it and you can see that there is almost no fat.. it is such a “luck of the draw” on corned beef because you can’t always see the Entire piece of meat in the packaging.

Not a complicated meal and definitely not fancy but something everyone enjoys and, of course…

The beers – Guinness for my son..

A Guiness Black Lager for my Heart… who, though he is British, is not a fan of Guinness


And hard cider for the girls & myself – I don’t mind beer but the whole gluten-thing makes it not worth drinking.  Strongbow is one of our favorites, having drank cider in England… we’re not as big a fan of the sweeter American ciders

Now for the dessert – Bailey’s Irish Cream Individual Cheesecakes – I Almost followed the recipe but my Heart definitely “messed” with it and I don’t think it hurt the final product one bit!  Original recipe base: Oreo – Our base cookie: Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies – I actually think this was a better choice because they stayed nice and crisp but weren’t too thick – I did drizzle just a little Bailey’s on the cookies before putting on the cheesecake mixture
Cheesecake: 8oz cream cheese, 1/3c sugar, 3Tbsp, 1/2tsp vanilla, 1 egg – followed the recipe exactly
According to the recipe, it would only make 6-8 but we easily made 11 – baked in a 275-degree oven for about 25-30 minutes until the center was firm – cool on a rack for 20 minutes and then put into the fridge to chill.  The original recipe said to chill for 4-hours… ours chilled for about 90-minutes and they were just fine.
Then my Heart added some ready-made chocolate frosting…
..and whipped cream – these were a huge hit and I’m really glad that they made 11 so people could either have seconds OR, as we are, have them tomorrow night for dessert too!!  I have a feeling we’re going to mess with this recipe and do other flavors… I would like to do something with orange or mint.  We’ll see!   All in all another successful St. Paddy’s Day dinner – YUM

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