Spaghetti Bolognese


Pretty basic Sunday Roast – I think I’ve posted spaghetti bolognese before but … what the heck. We were celebrating Shannon’s (my son’s girl friend) birthday a week early because my Heart and I will be away next weekend. Sunday Roast was her choice – Out or Home… she choose Home and this was her menu choice. It’s a lovely compliment that she would rather have home cooking than a fancy dinner somewhere! Happy Birthday Shannon!!


First a mixture of ground beef and spicy ground pork sausage are browned in a big pan


Next chopped onions – I cooked the vegetables in a separate skillet… in part to speed up the process. It didn’t entirely because the kids don’t have a large skillet yet so I actually cooked the vegetables individually.


Chopped carrots next…


Chopped green and red pepper, chopped garlic, lots of Italian Seasoning


1 Large & 1 med sized cans of chopped tomatoes, about 2/3 c Merlot, 1 large can of tomato paste – simmer for approximately 1 hour


My Heart’s herb loaf, everyone’s Favorite. Softened butter mixed with Herbs de Provence and lemon juice on and in a sliced French baguette. Wrap in foil and cook 10 minutes at 425-degrees, then open the foil and cook another 5 minutes to crisp the outside


Simmered sauce


Dinner served with a simple green salad. I didn’t take pictures of dessert… I have in previous Sunday Roast pics. Shannon wanted my Heart’s berry pastry dessert … croissant dough, almond paste, marscapone cheese, black berries, whipped cream. Delicious!


Loki cat took a flying leap at Stephen during dinner


It’s a good thing he’s cute because he can be really wicked


Obviously he leaped onto the right person!

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