Sunday Roast – Simply delicious pasta


With the Big Thanksgiving dinner just a few days away, the decision was made to keep this week’s Sunday Roast a bit lighter. So, my Heart put together a deliciously simply pasta using jarred roasted-red pepper alfredo – adding a bit of the Melody wine and a touch more cream. Then some chopped cooked bacon was added to sauteed chicken chunks, add a bit more white wine and a bit more cream, some fresh ground black pepper and a sprinkle of Herbs d’Province. The sauce was added to the chicken mixture. Frozen petite peas were toasted into the pasta water right before the Gluten-free brown rice spaghetti was ready. A touch of the sauce was mixed into the rinsed pasta and peas and then the remaining sauce topped the individual servings of pasta finished with grated fresh parmesan and a dash of black pepper. Because dinner was relatively easy we managed to watch the newly released Star Trek movie before dinner. We also got through three bottles of wine (see below)… all were lovely (although I think by my Heart and I prefer reds) but I think I liked the Porch White best with the Melody a very very close second. Dessert during “Amazing Race” (the Only “reality” TV show we watch) was a parfait of amaretti cookies, amaretto, pistachio and white chocolate pudding.


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