Sausage Cacciatore & Triple Chocolate Cake

I haven’t made this dish in a long time and it is a favorite.  Fortunately Italian sausage was on sale so perfect timing to satisfy a craving.
I bought a 3lb link and twisted some smaller links – browned in a drizzle of olive oil then put to the side while sliced green and red pepper, chopped garlic and sweet onion were sauteed in another drizzle of olive oil
Once the peppers and onions were softened, the sausages were returned to the skillet then everything was covered with a large can of chopped tomatoes and a small can of tomato paste mixed with 1c Merlot & 2 Tbsp Italian seasoning
Everything simmered for approximately 30 minutes
Served up on gluten-free rice pasta spaghetti – very satisfying and hearty
Dessert was my idea: the last of the Triple Chocolate cake served up with raspberries “marinated” in whipped cream vodka…
… and topped with whipped cream

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