Oyako Domburi & Kimchi Jjigae


My Heart was heading to Philadelphia for several events in the next three days so we had a fairly big late lunch with the kids, did the Grocery shopping – the usual Family Day stuff… then came back to the apartment and watched the season finale of True Blood while I did laundry.  He took off about 7:30pm and we put together a quick dinner of Oyako Domburi and Kimchi Jjigae after he left.

Oyako Domburi is a family favorite and is fairly simple and quick

My son’s girlfriend made the Kimchi Jjigae – this stew uses kimchi that is “sour” and about ready to throw out and almost whatever you want to put in it plus some type of protein. While it looks like it should be very spicy, it really isn’t, well… to me!  The broth mellows the kimchi. She has made it with fish but tonight she made it with spam – a very interesting ingredient.  The protein really doesn’t matter to me because I really like the kimchi and the broth – the best way to eat it is with some rice in the spoon and then dip the spoon into the broth – YUM!

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