Fruit-stuffed Pork Tenderloin


So the first Sunday Roast of 2010 was not quite what I planned but was still delicious. Had planned chicken-fried steak w/ mashed taters & country gravy and southern green beans. But the cube steak (which is the Only way to make chicken-fried steak) was on sale and Sold Out so back to the planning board. Tenderloin was buy one / get one so that works and gives wonderful leftovers for lunch.


My Heart split the tenderloin down the middle and cut slightly into the sides so that there was a pocket. Inside he put slices of granny smith apple then craisins and pecan pieces.


He went ahead and used both tenderloin so that we would have lots of leftovers.


Next spicy mango chutney and a drizzle of Bristol Cream. Then they were baked in a 375-degree oven for approximately 1 hour. They actually took a bit longer, we’re thinking the oven may be on the fritz… it doesn’t seem to be staying at temperature and/or making it to the temperature we are setting it. We’ll have to keep an eye on it.


The final product was lovely though


The sides were mashed red potatoes, my Heart’s amazing gravy with some of the juices from the tenderloin, BISTO, a bit of brown sugar, red wine AND a touch of sherry. Southern green beans – canned green beans simmered for about 90 minutes with fatback or country ham fat… totally NOT healthy but pretty damned delicious.


Dessert: Caramel Queen – which is a recipe I promise I will share later. It is a caramel-y pudding (custard) with meringue and my Heart does a wonderful job!


A bit of a sugar overload but absolutely wonderful.

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