Sunday Roast – Oyako Domburi


This is a very satisfying homey meal – it was son’s birthday dinner this year, his request. Because my daughter had to head to work at 5pm for 12+ hrs of inventory at work, we decided on an easy meal that cooks up quick and that is pretty much just protein!


Coarsely chopped onions sauteed in a touch of olive oil until translucent


I put together the sauce while the onions – 1c low sodium shoyu, 1/2c mirin, dash or two of ground ginger


To the onions I saute cubed chicken breast until almost cooked through. Then I add in the sauce and bring to a bubble.


Next we beat 16 eggs (I make a Huge batch because this dish actually makes great leftovers). The “scrambled” eggs are then poured into the chicken & sauce mixture. I definitely don’t STIR … just sorta push the edges in toward the bubbly center. I keep the heat fairly high but I don’t want to burn the bottom – it’s a bit like making a huge omelet. I cover the pot help help the cooking process but check everything frequently.


Once the eggs are setup it is served on top of hot cooked rice. I didn’t take a picture but we sprinkle some cooked petite peas on top. Sometimes I put the peas in with the cooking chicken but my daughter prefer the peas on top so she can pick them out. *smile*


My Heart’s dessert creation – nectarines with almond paste, amaretto and sprinkled with slivered almonds – grilled under the broiler until soft and warm


served with Bellinis


and finished with whipped cream – Delicious

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