Sunday Roast – Oden – 12/27/09


After all the food over the past couple days, it was hard to imagine coming up with something for Sunday Roast.  But, because we went to have Pho (one of my favorite dishes in the whole world), it was decided that we could stop by the big Asian market up the road and get the makings for Oden.

Oden is on of my kids favorite winter dishes, in fact it is one of my son’s absolute favorite meals.  I don’t serve it in a fancy clay pot… just a big Pot of all the delicious ingredients simmers on the stove until we’re ready.
I make a mustard/shoyu sauce for dipping and we generally have pickles of some sort on the side, along with the necessary bowl of rice.  My Heart provided a delicious sake – this is definitely a meal that is meant to keep you warm on a cold winter night.
I have no idea what all the types of fish cake are but everyone seems to have their favorites so that’s all that matters.
This was my Heart’s concoction – an Vietnamese nut crepe made out of sesame seeds and crushed cashews spread with ice cream and warm chocolate sauce.  It was very messy but absolutely delicious!  Another resounding success!

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