Mustard Peanut Pork Loin & Chocolate Mousse


I’m a little late getting these blogs posted. Last week was a bear so I’m trying to catch up. This was a wonderful Sunday Roast – All my Heart’s concoction.



Pork loin split down the center then “filled” with chopped peanuts mixed with grainy mustard. Baked in a 350-degree oven.




Parboiled carrots, parsnips, and potatoes were combined with red onion, a little olive oil and freshly ground pepper and put into the oven with the pork



The roasted vegetables turned out just right.Img_5496





Dessert was a great adventure: marshmallows slowly melted into double strength French press coffee & a little Jim Beam until smooth…


…then whipped cream was folded in and the mousse was ladled into wine glasses and refrigerated.



There were pretty flowers on the table – Valentine’s flowers from my son to his girlfriend… just a touch of spring.



The meat was perfect, moist and delicious. My Heart also made some sauce/gravy – perfect!


The mousse was topped with white chocolate pudding and a couple cookies – the girls look pretty ready to dig in. My Heart really out did himself this time!

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