Korean Feast

My son’s girlfriend’s parents were visiting from Alabama over the weekend.  We arrived home from HealthCampCT @ Yale School of Nursing late on Sunday and arrived at the kids apartment for a wonderful Korean Feast.  It was so nice of them to do Sunday Roast for all of us.
Pickles and condiments are an integral part of a Korean Meal – I’m not entirely sure why. First was Kim Chee which, traditionally made, takes quite a while to ferment but Shannon’s mom has started making a “fresh” kim chee using baby bok choy.  It was delicious.  My favorite kim chee has always been the type made with cucumber: Oi Sobaegi
This is, beyond a doubt, is one of my favorite Korean dishes.  It is wonderful with lots of vegetables and bits of meat (sometimes shrimp): Chop Chae sometimes uses cellophane noodles but frequently uses sweet potato noodles, which means I can eat it.  It is also delicious leftover (I had some for lunch the Tuesday after this meal – they made a Ton!).  it is a time intensive dish with lots of washing & chopping vegetables and each ingredient is cooked independently and then all combined but… YUM!!!  Bulgogi is a traditional dish with marinated beef.  This was some of the best bulgogi I’ve ever had – Homemade definitely makes a difference.
These two dishes are a little less common.  The egg “custard” is Ddukbaegi Gaeran Jim – it is a savory egg “casserole” and reminds me of a childhood favorite (a similar Japanese dish): Chawanmushi.  The seafood soup really put dinner over the top with so many dishes but is my daughter’s favorite: Miyeok Guk
Everything was served with this “purple” rice that had some type of beans in it. I found several discussion boards talking about it but no actual recipes.  It was obviously Asian short grain rice and was delicious.
It was such a treat in so many ways… having dinner when we arrived home from a very long and busy weekend – getting to have Sunday Roast with these wonderful people… Exploring Korean food in the Best Way – Homemade!  YUM!

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