Sunday Roast Kids’ Style – Tonkatsu


First – Lunch: We went to Honey Pig Korean BBQ – The kids really like this restaurant. it was my first time… we will definitely be Back!



I LOVE all the little side dishes that come with a Korean meal – everyone pretty much knows Kimchi, at least in the traditional sense, but there are lots of varieties of Kimchi.  There was a big pan in the center of the table – we ordered beef brisket and thin sliced pork belly…



..and pork belly – the meet cooks up very quickly and was delicious. Additionally, if you look at the left picture, at the top, there were bean sprouts with red pepper paste that then cooked on the pan… YUM!



The picture didn’t turn out very well but I love this egg dish: Gyeran Jjim AND this seafood & tofu stew: Sundubu Jjigae, which Shannon (my son’s GF) ordered extra spicy for me.  The waitress looked at me and then back to Shannon and said “it is already spicy” in Korean and Shannon had to tell her that I really did like it Spicy!  *smile*  Everything was delicious.  We also had a seafood pancake: Jeon… don’t know why I didn’t get a picture (probably because it was on the other side of the table) but it was very good as well.





Shannon cooking the Tonkatsu – they take boneless pork chops and pound them with a meat tenderizer then egg wash & panko and fry them in canola oil… served with Tonkatsu sauce, Japanese rice and cabbage with a mayonnaise & ketchup dressing.  The plate above is my plate .. because we stopped at the Asian market, my rice also has natto, which are fermented soy beans with shoyu, a little mustard and sesame oil… I’m the Only one who eats it!  It was a Delicious day!  YUM!!

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