Kaytucky Chicken & Pistachio Napoleans


**** Sorry about the Double – due to a Posterous Outage this posting hit the page twice but people viewed both so I didn’t want to delete one!   MCC
Life has been crazy, as you will see if you follow my blog and I try very hard to Catch Up.  This was the last Sunday Roast I cooked on April 29 – This was very popular dinner and definitely a do-again: Kaytucky Chicken … And I basically followed the recipe too!
Stuffing: Cream Cheese, chopped green onions, bacon, and flat-leaf parsley combined and made into little balls
Cut a “pocket” in the Chicken breasts and stuffed each one with a ball of the creamed cheese mixture
Then wrapped each breast in defrosted pieces puff pastry
then “painted” each packet with beaten egg before placing in a 400-degree oven for 40-minutes
There were extra bits of puff pastry which soon became part of my Heart’s dessert creation – baked with the same egg wash

 Vegetable side: succotash = corn, baby lima beans, red bell peppers with just a touch of butter

Plated – served up with creamy mashed potatoes (potatoes mashed with with sour cream and butter)
My Heart’s Dessert – Pistachio Napoleon: Sheets of puff pastry layered with pistachio pudding prepared with whipped cream and topped with a chocolate Grenache – decadent but light

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