Chicken with Cheese


This dinner is entirely my Heart’s and is a huge favorite. Angela, my daughter, wanted to watch so she took the action shots.


Four large boneless chicken breasts, cut through the center, not all the way through, and opened up. Chopped fresh sage

Slices of Emmental & Gruyere cheese, then the chopped sage and more cheese and freshly ground pepper

“Close” the chicken breasts and place in a moderately hot skillet containing melted butter. Once one side is starting to brown add 1/2c – 1c white wine to the pan and simmer, covered. Turn and continue to simmer, covered, adding wine as needed… continue simmering until the cheese has started to melt.


Once the chicken is cooked through, remove to an ovenproof pan and place in the oven (if you are not cooking anything in the oven, the temperature can be moderate: 350-degrees), make sure to include a little bit of the wine mixture so that the chicken doesn’t dry out.




To the remaining sauce in the pan, add any remaining cheese & sage, some freshly ground pepper and more wine (he ended up using almost an entire bottle for this recipe. Bring the sauce to a bubble










Once the sauce is at a steady bubble start to add in the heavy cream (approx 2/3 of the pint) – the goal is to break down the cheese and butter so that everything is incorporated into the sauce.











Fanned potatoes (russet potatoes with lots of butter, salt & pepper baked at 400-degrees) and steamed broccoli completed this wonderful meal.









With such a wonderful rich dinner, my Heart decided on a very simple dessert of pears, Stilton cheese, crackers and port.. a perfect finish!

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