Hawaiian Chicken Burgers & Gluten-free Bakewell Tarts

I felt like “burgers” but wanted to go healthier – Found this yummy Spicy Hawaiian Burgers recipe.
Served with a fresh Cucumber, Tomato Feta salad – this salad was super simple and really hit the spot with the spicy burgers.. which had lots of flavor… the cool salad was perfect.
Nice big patties – Note: the recipe said to refrigerate the burgers for 30-mins before cooking.. will try that next time.
Used the stovetop grill – the kids have a Foreman but I am more comfortable with the stovetop grill temps – put the cooked burgers into a warm oven while I grilled the pineapple
I love grilled pineapple – these were perfect on the burgers
Plated – the chicken burgers were topped with pepper jack slices & the grilled pineapple – they were flavorful and juicy, no need for extra condiments.  Definitely a Do Again.. there were some doubts from the kids about Chicken burgers but they got a thumbs up!
My Heart’s Super Yummy dessert: Gluten-free Bakewell tarts started with gluten-free dough in muffin tin.  I had Bakewell tarts in England last year and really love them.
Filled with almond paste and topped with raspberry jam then topped with more dough and baked for 15 minutes at 375-degrees F
Cooled and topped with heavy cream whipped with raspberry yogurt – WOW… oh, and the tarts were equally delicious leftover!

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