Ham with the Fixings & Coconut Ice Box Cheesecake


I think we would have had ham for Easter Sunday Roast but lamb is my son’t favorite and has become an Easter tradition… but my daughter and I have a craving for ham so we’re having it the Sunday before – very convenient since it was also on sale!


Scored the outer rind & fat and rubbed the outside with peach jam and then covered the ham with pineapple slices. What’s a good part of Sunday afternoons? Nap time for my Heart.


The ham turned out perfect and the pineapple was roasted. Caramelized tiny onions with petit peas


Smashed potatoes which include cheese, butter, chopped green onions and bacon were the perfect side.


My heart made an ice box cheese cake with coconut, a sprinkling of butterscotch chips and a drizzle of chocolate sauce – we all dug in. YUM!!

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