Fish Tacos & Pineapple Rum Sundaes

The kids were at a local Asian market and offered to pick up some Tilapia, which is much cheaper than at our usual grocery store. They thought Fish tacos might be a good Sunday Roast.


These were wonderful fillets and almost 1/2 of the price we normally pay per pound. Dry taco seasoning mix sprinkled & rubbed on then lightly “fried” in about 1 tbsp olive oil – I forgot the kids don’t have a stove-top grill pan and I was using the Foreman grill for dessert.


Everyone got to pick their own tortillas (both flour and corn – we found if the corn tortillas are slightly browned in a dry skillet (no oil) they hold up better and don’t break when you bend them) and toppings: chopped cabbage (pre-packaged “cole slaw” cabbage works great), pre-packaged mango salsa or Hot pico de gallo, cilantro, avocado slices. Truly one of my favorite meals.


Pineapple was on sale … I had an idea for dessert!


Grilled pineapple on the Foreman – my Heart sprinkled each with a little brown sugar & a drizzle of rum. The topping: light brown sugar, 1Tbsp of butter, and rum! Boiled the sauce until it started to coat the spoon.


Grilled pineapple – scoop of vanilla ice cream (next time might try coconut but my son’s GF isn’t a fan)


Topped with the rum sauce – turned out pretty well but I think I will change the order because the pineapple was a little hard to eat. Next time ice cream with chopped grilled pineapple and the sauce but… all and all – YUM!

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