Fish Tacos


Not sure why I felt like Fish Tacos… although we generally look at the sale flier to see what’s a good price and Tilapia won… so – Fish Tacos!


First I thinly sliced some white cabbage with some sweet onion and sprinkled on a dash of ground cumin and mixed up by hand – this mixture sat for an hour or so to “blend”


We had both corn (for me ’cause they are gluten-free, generally… but check the label) and flour tortillas. This is my FAVORITE brand, at least in Maryland… we go out of our way to get them. They have a very fresh feel, a little doughy… not at all like cardboard.


Next we washed and de-stemmed a TON of cilantro – this is a little excessive but my daughter is a little bit of a cilantro-aholic!


I really love the GIANT brand fresh salsa… it has a very fresh taste and a bit of zing (there are some jalapenos in it) … it is probably a tad high in sodium but it is Very tasty and easy to use.


For the fish topping – some dry seasoning. We used this for another dish a while back and had about 1/2 a packet left so ….


A touch of olive oil in a large skillet and a bit of seasoning sprinkled and rubbed onto the fish


Brown the fish at a medium heat and try not to over cook – it should just be flaky


As pieces of fish were cooked, I put them in a warm (250-degree) oven on a pan with paper towels, to stay warm


The cooked fish turned out lovely and flaky – Tilapia is very mild and works well with these seasonings


Table all set and ready to chow down – additional sides included some sliced fresh avocado drizzled with lime juice. I also made a brown & wild rice mixture, as a side dish.


…although my Heart liked to add a bit of the rice mixture in his tacos with the fish, salsa, cilantro, and avocado


My tacos, on corn tortillas, were fish, salsa, cilantro, and cabbage. These turned out just right and are definitely a do again dinner!! ENJOY!

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  1. Maureen
    April 15, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Yumm. This is definitely my favorite! Thanks. I think you are very talented and the blog is one I will recommend to friends.

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