Eye Round Roast & Ice Box Cheesecake


This is the first Sunday Roast where we had a guest – one of my oldest and closest friends, we met prior when we were about 12 years old. So “Uncle” Greg was in town visiting other family for “Christmas” parties and we were one of his stops… just for Sunday Roast.


Menu: Roast Beef (Eye Round Roast) with roasted veggies & potatoes, my Heart’s Yorkshire pudding and gravy, and my Heart’s ice box cherry cheese cake.


Since the Eye Round Roast is a fairly tough piece of meat I marinated it in:


a combination of red wine, Italian seasoning, freshly ground pepper, dark brown sugar, tabasco and olive oil for about 3 hours


I like to marinade in a heavy duty zip lock back because it is easy to move the meat around and flip it, etc.


While I did the marinade, my Heart put together his cheese cake using 2 packets of Dream Whip (according to the package directions using milk), softened cream cheese, some sugar and vanilla extract. Pour into a ready made crust (he used the shortbread type) and refrigerate. He added the cherries on just prior to serving.


For the roasted veggies, we peeled and cut up boiler onions, carrots, parsnips, and red potatoes. These were mixed with olive oil, Herbs de Province, fresh ground pepper and baked in the oven with the roast.


I browned the roast on all sides in a hot skillet then coated it with freshly ground pepper and Italian herbs. The meat and vegies went into a 400-degree oven for 30 minutes and then the temperature was reduced to 350-degrees for the remaining 2 hours. (about 35 minutes per pound)


The gravy consisted of the rest of the bottle of red wine, Worchestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, dark brown sugar, garlic and a sprinkling of Bisto for beef flavor and thickening


The meat was cooked until it reached an internal temp of 140-degrees. The veggies, conveniently, were finished at the same time. The oven temp was then increased to 400-degrees for the Yorkshire pudding.


We let the meat rest and kept the veggies warm for about 40 minutes while the Yorkshire pudding cooked


My Heart always makes both muffin tin Yorkshire puddings and a small pan – it’s very popular so none go to waste!


The meat and veggies served up just lovely.


Everything covered in the lovely gravy


Something about this dessert just say, grab a spoon and dig in. Communal dessert is pretty fun!

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