Easy Chicken Tacos & Dessert Burritos


Yup… Dessert Burritos – a crazy idea my Heart had that was easier than expected and really delicious.


Look at my Heart’s impressive pancake flipping skills!


Started with a relatively thin gluten-free pancake (almost crepe thin) – topped with raspberries marinated in whipped cream vodka and some chocolate covered coffee beans for a “kick” and crunch.


Next: Vanilla Ice Cream (YUM!) – All wrapped up and drizzled with a homemade chocolate ganache (light & dark chocolate melted with butter & a little heavy cream) – Put into the freezer to chill for a few hours.


Oh Yeah… we ate dinner too! I really love these chicken tacos – they are super simple and quick but very satisfying – totally a go-to dinner. Shredded store-made roasted chicken, store-bought pico (mild & SPICY), crumbled Mexican Queso cheese, packaged taco seasoning mixed with sour cream for a topper. And Lots and lots of fresh avocado with lime juice


On the side non-fat refried beans mixed with shredded Mexican cheese and heated with more cheese on top. Very simple and fast but one of my favorites… and a favorite with the family too.


AND Dessert – so if ice cream and vodka marinated raspberries with chocolate covered coffee beans wrapped in gluten-free pancakes coated in a chocolate ganache wasn’t amazing Enough? How about topped with chocolate whipped cream? (heavy cream whipped with non-fat chocolate yogurt and Amaretto) My Heart rocks dessert! YUM!

3 comments for “Easy Chicken Tacos & Dessert Burritos

  1. Claire Koenig
    August 11, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    That dessert looks amazing! When can we come over for dinner? (Oh, yeah, we have to factor in a travel day, too … hmm…) I bought some whipped cream vodka last week, and marinated some berries. Loved it! Looking for other ways to use it as well … thinking of a Kahlua or creme de cacao combination …

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