Sunday Roast: Easter Dinner


As is the tradition in our home – Leg of lamb for Easter Dinner.


Coated the leg of lamb with olive oil and then chopped rosemary, garlic and freshly ground pepper. The lamb started out in a 450-degree oven for about 20-minutes and then reduced the temp down to 350-degrees for approximately 90-minutes.


We decided, while the lamb roasted, to do some traditional egg coloring – There was Capt. EggMerica – Capt. Underpants (pictured above) – The EggLantern – PeepTacular. My Heart made a Plaid egg. Not bad for a group of adults! *smile*


We went pretty traditional with this dinner including our version of rice pilaf with french onion soup but instead of just water I used a cup of red wine… so I guess this is red wine pilaf.


Everyone enjoyed the peas so much last Sunday, when the asparagus were tree trunks (i.e. way too think) everyone voted for peas and onions again. This time I made a lot more onions.


We like our lamb medium to rare and it turned out perfect with more done pieces toward the ends. My Heart made a traditional British mint sauce with fresh mint, vinegar and sugar (which is really delicious on the peas also) but we also had to have mint jelly on the side.


Dessert was the perfect ending for the meal – Lemon Meringue pie. My Heart was unhappy that the meringue wasn’t “higher” but it tasted wonderful and was a nice light dessert after a very filling dinner. YUM!

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