Sunday Roast – Easter Dinner


Yummy Easter Dinner – it would seem that the choices for many U.S. families is either Ham or Lamb and we’re definitely a Lamb family!


Starting with a mint sauce with chopped fresh mint, a touch of boiling water, some sugar and salt and a bit of malt vinegar


Green Beans almondine – par boiled fresh green bean (covered in water in the skillet – brought to a boil – turned off – drained) that were briefly cooked in a hot skillet with a touch of olive oil, sliced almonds and a bit of crispy chopped bacon


Rice “pilaf” – converted white rice lightly toasted in a bit of olive oil and then cooked with toasted pine nuts in a light chicken broth with some pepper and dried chopped parsley


Boneless leg of lamb (5+ lbs) coated in olive oil, chopped garlic, freshly ground pepper and chopped fresh rosemary. 450-degrees for 30 minutes and then 325-degrees for approximately 90 minutes until it reached a temperature of 130 (USDA says 140-degrees is rare)


Everything turned out on time and was delicious!


My Heart’s dessert – Lemon & Blackberry pudding with fresh lemon peel, fresh blackberries and a lovely drizzle of Lemoncello & whipped cream when served.

A delicious Sunday Roast / Easter Dinner!!!

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